Behind Lodging BAS

Behind Lodging BAS?


Is your BAS overdue, or are you behind in lodging your BAS Lodgements?
Have not had the time to get all your expenses and bills entered?
Have you completely underestimated the time required?



If you’re behind in lodging BAS

We help people just like you every day.

As your business grows, you have become busier and busier, and BAS time comes around again and again.

There is no need to stress—we can help you lodge your late BAS statements.


Do you have one or more BAS’s to lodge at once?

No problem!

For some of us, lodging a BAS every quarter or every year can be difficult. Some of us just plain forget. But lodging a BAS is required by law for any GST registered business in Australia.

The truth is, it’s never too late to lodge your BAS. If you are behind with your BAS lodgement, it’s ok as long as you lodge it voluntarily and don’t owe any GST to the ATO.

If your BAS is Overdue?

We have the solution!

  • Are you buried in paperwork and behind with your BAS lodgements?
  • Haven’t updated your books in months?
  • Have no idea where to start?
  • Feel overwhelmed and hope it will all just go away?
  • Don’t know what needs to be done, or how long it will take?


Regain your peace of mind!

Wouldn’t it be great to have more time to run your business and still have time to relax and/or spend time with your family? [read more…]
Our one-time BAS Rescue Package can get you out from underneath that pile of paperwork!
After an initial consultation, we will perform a health check of your unique bookkeeping circumstances, and create a workable and easy strategy to get your bookkeeping back on track.


You didn’t get into business to do bookkeeping.

We did!


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