Social Media Page Lacking Pizazz

Is My Social Media Page Lacking Pizazz?

You have all the social media; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus. But somehow it is not working. Your posts or pages have a small number of followers, hardly any likes, no comments or sharing. You ask yourself. “What am I doing wrong, Is my social media page lacking pizazz?

Social media not up to date?

It could be as simple as your social media is just out of date, or have too much text or content. Or, just random photos that are not relevant to your business or your audience.

  • Create eye-catching graphics – posts that make your audience stop and want to read what your post is about.
  • Creating images – that help communicate your message to your audience.
  • Having engaging content – posts that encourage your audience want to comment and share your post.

Not getting the engagement you’re looking for?

If you want to the three key main things that can assist you to getting the right engagement.

  1. Know what your audience wants – they want to be acknowledged and valued, connecting with like-minded people and reward.
  2. Mix your posts up – posts from you (business), status updates, sharing of information from others in your industry.
  3. It’s not all about you – post what your audience want to read, comment and share.


Is your social media page lacking pizazz?

Let your business be social

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