Instructional Design

Instructional Design

GDI Instructional Team design online eLearning courses that will train your employees in the important tasks of their job, enabling great job performance within your business.


Online Course and eLearning Design

We are focused in creating an online learning environment that works best for your business and is user friendly for your staff.


GDI eLearning and Online Courses Service

Our eLearning services will save you money and give you peace of mind! Know your staff are trained right with our eLearning‚ online courses that are designed just for your business.


✓  Online modules that are design just for your business

knowing that your staff are learning what is important to your business!

✓  Modules will look perfect on any device

staff can login from their mobile‚ tablet and desktop!

✓  Be user friendly

a content page and easy to read menu with tabs makes for easy navigation!

✓  Important points to address

use pop-ups‚ videos‚ linking important words to other topics within the same or different modules,or to external links for additional information!

✓  Ensure your staff are learning

have questions at the end of the module ⁄ topic that they must complete before move to the next section!


Saving your business in constant retraining

Saving you time and money and have your staff trained with our online courses designed especially for you.

Online Course Design

We’ve created custom digital learning programs for organisations large and small. Create engaging, tightly focused online learning experiences that balance the needs of businesses and the needs of their people.

  • Mobile Learning – is a growing medium and the next step in the evolution of learning. We can provide a broad range of mobile learning solutions that are optimised for tablets and smart phones.
  • Learning Portal – do you need a central space where you can link your employees with the learning support they most need to do their jobs? Our custom learning portals consolidate a user’s training elements like structured learning materials and more informal resources and recommendations in one place.

Improve your employee training and development with uniquely designed online courses ⁄ modules for the needs of your business. By training your staff you know they are doing the job right the first time.


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