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The following words have their defined meaning when used in this Agreement:

  1. access‘ means to access, use, or otherwise benefit from the functionality of the GDI Web Portal, Content or Data, including, but not limited by, accessing, manipulating and downloading Content or Data in accordance with the functionality of the GDI Web Portal. Access includes carrying out one or more of these actions, by the Client or User.
  2. GDI‘ means Genesis Direction International, ABN 31 145 778 827 of 21 Mary Street, Brisbane, Queensland. 4000, Australia.
  3. Client’ any client or registered user that belongs to GDI Small Business or the Company Genesis Direction International.
  4. Content‘ means content that are available via the GDI Web Portal and refers to text, pictures, graphics, videos, links and examples given by the client’s authorised personnel which have been uploaded to the website and or text, pictures, graphics, videos, links and examples supplied by the Webmaster or GDI.
  5. Data Provider‘ means the third party that makes the Data and Content available (including where the third party provides a service for obtaining data).
  6. Data Provider Terms‘ means any terms of use for accessing Data and Content published by the relevant Data Provider (where required by law).
  7. GDI Web Portal‘ means the GDI Web Portal services made available by GDI – the owner of the portal for authorised Registered Users in order to facilitate access to the customer area and other areas and features on the website.
  8. ‘GDI Web Portal services’ includes any changes, updates, amendments or other features that GDI may make available from time to time. GDI may charge additional fees for any changes, updates, amendments or other features requested by the Client in writing.  GDI reserves the right to change layout, features, and navigations of the GDI Web Portal.  GDI is not obligated to maintain the current or future functionality and may remove features of the GDI Web Portal from time to time.
  9. User‘ means each person that has been authorised, after completing the User Registration to access the GDI Web Portal and or any Content under their personal login details. A User can be individual, their managers or authorised key personnel, or employers authorised by management.  Authorisation must be in writing and communication of authorisation by electronic mails is acceptable.
  10. New User’ is someone who does not have access to the GDI Web Portal. New User must complete Access Registration Details Form and obtain personal login details in order to access the GDI Web Portal.  Costs for User Access Registration and issuing of personal login details are contained in the Fees and Services Contract provided to the client on xxx date or attached to this agreement.