Standard Operation Procedures

Standard Operation Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) help maximise safety and operational efficiencies within your business. Documents such as procedures, regulations and policies for your business, workplace and employees should be recorded and acknowledged.


Benefits of Processes, Procedures and Standards

GDI Mentoring and Coaching Team work with your business to ensure all operational policies and procedures meet compliance. We review your current operational policies and procedures and give recommendations.


We design operational policies and procedures to meet the needs of your company. Standard Operating Procedures ensure your company remains compliant with industry regulations and Government legislations.


standard operating procedures.

workplace and employment guidelines.

employee policies and procedures.


SOPs provide the steps to handle every aspect of operations including quality control, procurement, safety, and overall execution of services.


What SOPs should I have?

It is important to create processes, procedures and standards for your key business activities. Depending on your individual business, these may include:

  Customer Service

including a customer service program.

  Sales Practices and Sales Policies

guarantees, warranties and refunds.

  Marketing and Promotion

including email marketing and social media.

  Employee Management

staff training and performance reviews.

  Energy Efficiency and Environmental Considerations

water restrictions within the workplace.

  Management Responsibilities

decision making, strategic planning.

✓  Record Keeping, Reporting and Money Management

bookkeeping and budgeting.

  Use of Technology

rules around staff internet usage within the workplace.

  Workplace Safety

employee rights and responsibilities.


When a business is growing it is often highly dependent on the owner for all major decisions. As the business reaches a certain size, this form of decision making can limit its capacity to grow further since the owner cannot possibly make all decisions properly.

Additional management and documented SOPs are required to allow the company to continue growing, and also establish a succession plan and train the growing employee base.


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