Small Business Success Stories

Small Business Success Stories


All our clients have had success with one or more of our small business hub services in growing their business with one or more of our business services.  Whether it is with our business management consultancy, or utilising our bookkeeping for business service.  Or, designing a great website for their business.  Or, engaging in our digital solutions; social media management or email marketing solutions.  Or, having eLearning online courses designed for their staff.

At GDI Small Business Hub, our motto is; your business solutions are with Our business Services.


Springhill Car Care‚ Riverhills Service Centre and Matilda Springhill
Have had business dealing with GDI Small Business Hub since September 2010 and can only highly recommend Debbie to anyone’s business in need for any advisory in all aspects in operating a business. Debbie operates methodical‚ is straight to the point in all her work‚ and shows the required experience from business setup and lead a failing or poor performing business into a positive business.
Ludwig Sommer (Director and Owner)
During the set-up and expansion of my business‚ I’ve engaged on Debbie’s expert knowledge of business and management practices‚ in particular staff recruiting‚ putting systems in place‚ KPI measurements.  Not only was she available‚ but her unique comprehensive views identified specific business need were customized in a most professional manner to meet full compliance to Real Estate Best Practices. I was very impress with the overall difference each of the implementations made to improve operations and increased profit margins each month. I confidently recommend business consulting services of GDI Small Business Hub to any small business owner.
Pia Rousseau (Principle)


Happy Quilter
In the past years‚ I have several times called on help in setting up my business for professional mentoring help and advice from the great people at GDI Small Business Hub. The experience of many years in guiding other businesses‚ with expertise to gaining more profit‚ employee standards‚ stock control which I have greatly benefited. I would recommend her excellence to any small business owner who want to move ahead with implement best business‚ budgeting and cash flow management.


David Hardwick CPA
This testimonial is to confirm that I have enjoyed a positive and proactive business relationship with GDI Small Business Hub which has extended over a period of 10 years. I deem it an honour to submit this testimonial to affirm her sensitivity and professionalism in all aspects of my accounting practice.
David Hardwick (CPA)


GDI Small Business Hub team has helped our business get onto the right track‚ showing us how to implement best practices with simple understand of workplace and business issues. Making the transition from an idea into a successful small business. Having all the forms and documents for workplace polices we needed in a template format. giving us our own workplace policies in no time at all.
Kylie (Partner and Owner)


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